How to find out if land prices are going up

How to find out if land prices are going up

How to find out if land prices are going up

How to find out if land prices have gone up can be seen from the value of the property itself. Many think that if property prices go up, land prices will not go up. But it turned out to be different from what you might expect. Similarly, when selling a house, you must first understand how to calculate it so you don’t experience a loss.

Some people will sometimes calculate or measure the land of their house first before selling it. By measuring the size of the land, the book of Jesus knows the value of the land that we will sell. But there are also people who sell it not measuring it but directly counting a piece of land. If the price offered is cheap and strategic, many people will immediately bargain for the price.

By knowing how to calculate it we can immediately determine the price we want. To find out the price of land we can do several ways such as:

View location – Therev

To find out the selling price of land, we can directly visit the place. See the location and we can also find information about the surrounding conditions. In buying your land, don’t just buy it. Must know the market price of the place you visit. If there are many who sell their land, it can be said that the price that will be obtained is very cheap. Prices are also pegged on the facilities available. Strategic places and supported by several places such as markets, pharmacies, hospitals, and so on will provide a high selling value.

Go to the nearest land office

If you are still not sure about the price of the land you have seen. You can directly visit the land office. The agency that takes care of all things including land prices. By visiting the land office, we know the right selling price.

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Land notary consultation

Many believe that the notary is a witness lawyer and also an intermediary. They don’t know that a notary can actually help us with land prices. Consulting a notary will also help you determine the right price for buying land.


Another thing we can do to check the price of land is by looking at the selling value of the tax object. Once a year we will make land tax payments. From these payments, we can find out how much market value we can offer. Of course, there are ways to calculate the price of the land, such as: looking at the area of ​​​​the land and also seeing how much tax you pay each year, from that price you multiply by the area of ​​​​the land. So that is the result of the sale value of the land based on the NJOP. But don’t get hung up on the NJOP Value. Because the result is usually the lowest price on land.

How to find out if land prices are going up
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