Disadvantages and Pros of buying subsidized housing

Disadvantages and Pros of buying subsidized housing

Disadvantages and Pros of buying subsidized housing

Minimalist size
Because the house is from government subsidies, the size you have is not a request of your own, but the size of the house has been set by the government. The size of the subsidized housing is certainly small. Disadvantages and Pros of buying subsidized housing

Cannot immediately renova
As long as the house you are taking hasn’t been running for 5 years, then the house can’t be renovated, let alone until you want to enter the 2nd-floor construction stage. Indeed taking a subsidized house there must be stages to follow so you can’t just renovate it.

Modest facilities

Therev – The facilities from subsidized housing are certainly not just ordinary buildings, but the housing facilities provided are also ordinary. People who buy subsidized houses will usually only make a frame for the house until it can be occupied but the inside or the kitchen part it cannot be occupied.

Not just selling or renting a house

Because living in a subsidized house inevitably has to comply with existing regulations. Those of you who are going to sell a house or rent a house for less than 5 years are certainly not allowed. Because later when you will inspect your location you can get a warning. If you really intend to open a boarding house or rented boarding house business, then you can buy land and then build your own house design.

The advantages of buying subsidized housing

Cheap price
Because houses are subsidized by the government, the prices offered are usually cheap. Even though the facilities provided are not what you want, you still get a full building and good facilities. If you have more money yourself then you can buy at a low price.

seen from the form and facilities//buy a house

Can mortgage
Not only can you buy subsidized housing with cash, but you can buy a house with mortgage installments. If you want a mortgage, the down payment that is set is usually much cheaper than a commercial house. Apart from the cheap down payment, we can choose the tenor according to our abilities.

Easy Terms
To buy a subsidized house in cash, of course, you only need a KTP and NPWP. But for those of you who are going to do a mortgage, the conditions set are not so difficult, only your KTP, family card, NPWP, and a statement on a business letter or a statement on a payslip if you are still an employee.

Disadvantages and Pros of buying subsidized housing
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