Why Moldy Walls

Why Moldy Walls

Why Moldy Walls

the walls of your house are moldy even though the house has just been built? Don’t be surprised. Because mold comes because the house is too stuffy. A house that lacks ventilation will cause moldy walls. Mushrooms come because of moisture which causes dew to appear. There are several other reasons

  • No air ventilation
  • Low temperature
  • there is a leaking pipe.
  • Former flood

If in your house there are lots of piles of cardboard boxes or near the washing machine, it’s no wonder that lots of mushrooms come. A moldy house not only makes the house worse than other houses. Because moldy houses cause shortness of breath, rashes on the skin, and allergies. Therev

How to remove it?

Of course, I can. A moldy house can of course be removed with a paint or putty tool. Make sure those of you who are going to remove the moldy wall have cleaned all parts so that when you repaint it, nothing like this will happen.

exposed to water//mold

You can try moldy walls in several steps such as putty, base coat, and anti-fungal paint. It does require many stages so that the results of the paint you are going to do can return to normal.

Why Moldy Walls
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