Property Business Type

Property Business Type

Property Business Type

The property business is a promising thing even though it takes a long time to get results, but the pay is quite satisfactory. Moreover, the property business is owned by itself, not by a broker. Many people always think that the property business must have a lot of money to make it easy to run. Indeed, there are some property businesses that require a lot of money at first. But over time the property business can be run with minimal expenses.

The property business, if carried out seriously, will provide ongoing monthly income. What is meant by the property business is not only buying and selling houses or land but there are other things. The following are the types of property businesses:

Rental Business / Boarding House – Kosan

Therev – A rental business or boarding house is a property business that does not require large capital. Rental businesses with boarding houses, of course, have different sizes. Because the rent can be filled by 1 family while the boarding house can only be filled by 1 or 2 people. The size of the rental business you can start from 4 doors first. If you have more money then you can add a few more doors.

Homestay Business

The homestay business is usually aimed at staying tourists. There are many tourist areas that you can make into homestays such as Belitung, Bali, or Labuhan Bajo. Maybe those of you who already have a large land can build a homestay according to the available funds. Maybe you can make a simple shape first. To run a business, you can work with Traveloka or a company that provides hotel messaging services. The expenses are not too much and you can immediately check it yourself.

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Shophouse Rental

If you have a 2-story house but you need income, then you can rent some of the houses into a shophouse. Of course, the capital you spend is not too much is not it? You can also monitor your own shop at any time.

Shophouse businesses are usually on the roadside because the business you own will have an impact on clients or people renting a place. Building a shophouse of course costs a lot, but the results will pay off if it continues.


Becoming a broker is a job without the need for capital money. His job is to help sell other people’s property. A job that offers goods to others. From the results of the agreement, the seller can make a profit.. But the job of being a realtor is not easy because it requires a way of communication and lots of acquaintances.

Property Business Type
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