How to buy the right apartment

How to buy the right apartment

How to buy the right apartment

Buying houses and apartments is of course very much needed by some people. People’s needs are different, so you don’t need to be confused between a house or an apartment to buy. Many ordinary people want to buy an apartment but are still confused about the requirements and how to choose a unit that is truly safe.

Owning an apartment is of course not just anyone who owns it. Because it is known that the price of an apartment is of course not cheap price. Even if you have money, of course, it’s not easy to have an apartment. Here’s how to buy an apartment


Select the location of the apartment you are after. Maybe you can target apartments that are close to work locations or apartments that are close to shopping and city areas. Choosing a strategic apartment will make it easy for you to find something related to your household and other needs. Therev

Check building permits and legality

So that you don’t regret it later, you have to check the legality of the apartment. Legality owned must have HGB, IMB, and SIPPT. Of course, the legality that must be owned is not only for new people to buy, but those of you who make used purchases must also look at the legality mentioned.

apartment types and units//facility
Select unit type

Those of you who have a type of unit, of course, can apply it to choosing an apartment. Types of apartment types consist of 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and others. You can choose what type you like, then you can buy according to your wishes.


Usually, apartments will provide different facilities. What you need to ask before buying an apartment is about the completeness in the apartment. Get all the facilities in the apartment or just the building. There is nothing wrong with asking about the facilities that will be provided later.


Pay attention to how much down payment you have to give later when taking the apartment. By knowing the contents of the agreement, you will easily prepare the money to pay for it. Even if you are buying in cash, make sure how much money you have to pay.

How to buy the right apartment
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