Heavy Tackle

The Phantom is set up with top of the range Tiagra 130A, 80WA and 50WA reels all spooled with IGFA rated Stren line. The reels are matched to custom built chair and stand up rods which allow us to fish all locations and line classes in the continual chase for large pelagic gamefish. The Reelax 130lb class game chair in the cockpit lets the angler generate full power on the 80’s and 130’s. Our Reelax game pole system allows the crew to set up multi-rod tangle free troll patterns while the full height Black Marlin tower gives the skipper the best view in the house to find and chase down the fish.

With over a 100 large lures on board consisting of Top-Gun, Mold Craft, Pakula, Multistrike and PRW as well as many other top Hawaiian and New Caledonian lure manufacturers for the angler to choose from you can rest assured that only the best lures available are used to chase Blue Marlin off the South East Queensland Coast. Custom refrigeration and a full rigging station ensures that fresh baits are rigged and ready to go as our preferred method for fishing for the Black Marlin on the reef.

With full harnesses and experienced crews The Phantom can confidently cater for the less experienced male, female and junior anglers fishing heavy tackle line classes from 50lb through to 130lb tackle. With the correct chair setup and using the right method a slightly built female angler can confidently fish heavy line classes to maximum effect.